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A stylish way to carry books, groceries or anything else one might need! This especially roomy, practical high quality cotton twill Tote Bag is different. Shoulder length handles provide comfort with style in every situation.

Don’t Buy This Bag! Shoulder Tote Bag – Roomy – Vintage

You’ve landed in the right place! These are the trendy bags, t-shirts and accessories you’ve been waiting for! These will make a different, unusual addition to your wardrobe or home. See what’s new! They are the symbol of a new age. Whether you’re searching for a casual tote to bring to the beach or a fancy T-shirt for a casual appointment, or something unique for your home, with these you are sure to be noticed. Elegant urban style.

Maurizio Burgio, born in IZMIR on the coast of Turkey, is the artist behind the transnormal figures and paintings. For the first time available! Never seen before.


Don't Buy This Bag

Don’t Buy This Bag




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Don’t Buy This Bag! Shoulder Tote Bag – Roomy – Vintage

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